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Seven Employees Are Recognized for Excellence

Posted on Jun 4, 2017

Seven Washington Township employees have been recognized with the Washington Township 2017 Employee Award of Excellence for their outstanding contributions.

Recipients include: a receptionist who took over extra duties; a part-time firefighter who takes the lead on medic calls; a Town Hall employee who created popular pre-show parties; an information services specialist who helped smooth the transition to new software; a career firefighter who has undertaken major training projects; a deputy who rescued a resident from a smoke-filled apartment; and a Public Works employee who eagerly learns new skills.

The Award of Excellence was created in 1987 to recognize township employees who have exhibited exceptional performance in their jobs. Their efforts reflect the type of important activities that employees undertake every day, according to Township Administrator Jesse Lightle.

Award of Excellence winners are: Lyle Anthony, Public Works; Michael Arnett, Police; Nick Griffin, Fire Full Time; Marshall Motley, General Full Time; Brandon Strunk, Fire Part Time; and Deb Sortman and Mary Zdesar, General Part Time.

Full-time recipients of the Employee Award of Excellence receive framed proclamations, $275 and an extra three days of vacation. Part-time employees, who are ineligible for vacation days, receive framed proclamations and $450. All employees have their names inscribed on plaques at four township government buildings. Winners were nominated by fellow employees. The following summaries are based on excerpts from their nominations:

Lyle Anthony, Public Works

In his two years on the Public Works staff, Lyle Anthony has excelled at every new skill he has been shown, is always willing to lend a helping hand, and has been willing to risk failure in order to master a variety of new and challenging tasks, from running equipment to drywall and framing.

Michael Arnett, Police

Deputy Michael Arnett leads his shift on almost every statistical category tracked by the Sheriff’s Office. Over the past year, he also has solved a hit and run case, helped administer CPR and an AED to save a life, and crawled through a smoke-filled home to rescue a bed-ridden resident -- and her wheelchair -- from a fire.

Nick Griffin, Fire - Full Time

Nick Griffin has personified dedication to community safety and firefighter training by completing two major projects last year for the Fire Department Training Division -- one in which he updated a complete Phase I basic firefighter training binder and another in which he took the initiative to update the training manual for the new ladder truck, complete with a scenario for driver candidates to test their abilities and validate their training.

Marshall Motley, General - Full Time

Marshall Motley is always willing to assist employees with technical issues, no matter how trivial, and in particular has been a great help in transitioning to Munis software -- sitting down with staff to address issues, promptly contacting Munis to document problems, and providing resolution updates not only to the person reporting a problem, but proactively sending emails to other staff in the event they, too, experienced an error.

Deb Sortman, General - Part Time

Deb Sortman has taken over responsibility for all costuming at Town Hall Theatre, developed popular pre-show children’s parties, and provided decorations for both the Town Hall lobby and Santa’s cabin at Woodland Lights, all the while executing polished designs that push the boundaries of creativity.

Brandon Strunk, Fire - Part Time

Brandon Strunk has shown himself to be a compassionate patient care provider who takes the lead on all medic calls he responds to, an aggressive firefighter who earned three new certifications in a two-month period, and a conscientious worker who arrives well ahead of shift change and pays close attention to details that others may overlook.

Mary Zdesar, General - Part Time

With the relocation of the Development Services Department to the Government Center in 2016, Mary Zdesar expanded her receptionist duties to include answering phones, greeting visitors, and providing information on behalf of all township departments, a transition that she navigated with a positive attitude, friendly demeanor, and strong customer service skills.


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